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Line Note Space Note Video Transcript

SonicFit: learning how to sight read lesson one- line notes and space notes
There are many types of notes and they all have a note head.
Placing the note head on a staff shows pitch.
A note head with a line through it is called the line note.
If the note head does not have a line through it's center, it is called a space note.
A space note can have a line below it, above it, or both above and below it.
There are steps to follow to identify if a note is a line note or a space note.
These notes appear on a staff:
1) the first step is to identify the note head on the staff.
2) then asked does the note had have a line through its center
in this case it does so it is a line note.
another note: 1) identify the note head,
2) ask if it has a line through its center.
In this case it does not, so it is a space note.
reviewing the steps: 1) identify the note head
2) ask if there is a line through the center of it
If so it's a line note, if not it's a space note
please identify the following
space note
line note
line note
space note
The staff contains five lines.
Between the five lines are four spaces,
and we can identify line notes or space notes by their line number or space number.
when we get above the staff we just call it the space above the staff
or the space below one ledger line below the staff
as just a complicated example because, in fact,
we don't really talk about numbers all that much at all.
Identify the following as line or space, plus the number:
This is a line note, and it is number 4.
This is a space note and it doesn't have a number, it is just called the space below the staff.
One measure line above the staff,
space 2.
Working on the sonic fit exercise, it is asking you to first identify if the note is a line note or a space note.
Since there's a line through the center of the note,
you click the button line note and then count.
Remember the line at the bottom is one
so line 3.
Next is a space note: count from below, it would be space number 1,2, ... 3!
being deliberate about identifying the line number or space number
really helps to drive home the concept of alternating between lines and spaces as you ascend up the staff.
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