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Approaching the Exercise:


When training to recognize scale degrees, it is essential that you sing. You may whistle or hum, but it is essential that you think the sound in order to produce it. Singing on solfege is our strongest recommendation.


For this exercise, always be able to sing both DO RE MI FA SOL and DO RE DO. Sing them between every problem. Click the buttons below if it helps you to sing along with someone else singing.


Male Voice Female Voice


  1. Sing both DRMFS and DRD.
  2. Play the exercise.
  3. Sing the notes on TA.
  4. replay while singing on TA.*
  5. Sing the notes on solfege.
  6. Replay while singing on solfege
  7. Enter your answer.
  8. Repeat.

*Step four allows you to check if you are still accurate, and to fully internalize the sound before trying to apply the solfege.
Skip steps four and six only after you are able to do them accurately on a consistent basis.